11 Nov 2019

Trends come and go, but kindness will always be the new black!

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion! Clothes. Shoes. Accessories. Makeup. I’m all things girly. But an outside dolled up without taking even more time to invest on the character inside is meaningless. It’s like seeing a house with all the fine trimmings on the o...

11 Dec 2018

Pressure is the greatest, when victory is the closest! 

Sometimes we try and escape life’s pressures, but what if we’re on the brink of a breakthrough?

Take heart, because pressure can be a sign of value up ahead. But if we try to escape the pressure-process prematurely, we can cheat ourselves of a victory on the other side...

27 Aug 2018

Have you ever been blind-sided in life?  Surprised with an unexpected turn of events, or piece of news that you simply didn't see coming?  This was the case for my family at the start of our 2018.

In February this year, my nephew (sister's son) named Roman, had a prolonged fever.  Thinking it was just a viru...

19 Apr 2018

In a world full of motivational tips, resources and how-to’s at our fingertips, it seems clear that motivation alone is not enough to bring success and achieve goals.  That's why...

8 Jan 2018

There’s something exciting about a new year.  It’s new.  It’s fresh.  It’s a clean slate.   

It’s like opening the first page of a new journal or notebook…  The pages are blank and awaiting to be written. You begin to feel dreams, goals, and aspirations for the year ahead start to arise to the surface....

28 Aug 2017

Discovering your identity is an important part of life.  Why?... Because everything flows from it - Purpose.  Value.  Self Worth.  Acceptance.   The trouble is, at times in our lives, we can place our identity in the wrong areas, causing an identity crisis.

Fact: Your identity is WHO...

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