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WHO you are before WHAT you DO

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Discovering your identity is an important part of life. Why?... Because everything flows from it - Purpose. Value. Self Worth. Acceptance. The trouble is, at times in our lives, we can place our identity in the wrong areas, causing an identity crisis.

Fact: Your identity is WHO you are, BEFORE anything you will ever DO.

So who are you? What is your true identity? You are….

A child of God.

Loved unconditionally.

THIS is who you are.

THIS is your identity.

Of course, we wear other 'hats' such as your job title and relational titles such as wife/husband, mum/dad, etc. These titles carry responsibility and bring satisfaction in life, but they are secondary to your primary identity in Heaven and on earth, set before you were born.

Placing your primary identity in secondary titles can lead to disappointment, frustration and insecurity - alternatives such as fame, achievements, status, wealth, popularity on social media, or a job / position title. You see, at some point, these things fade, change or finish... and then what’s left? You. A child of God. Loved by Him.

A professional NBA Basketballer retired at the age of 34 after a very successful sporting career. His popularity, fame and attention started to fade as the spotlight turned to other younger athletes rising in the industry. He had wealth in the bank to live from beyond his lifetime, a loving family, dream home… but, he still wasn’t happy. Why? Because he was seeking his core value and self worth from public attention and popularity - his identity was in his fame and career. So when it came to an end, he was left with a hole inside. This is the trap when you place your identity in what you DO, before WHO you are. So began his journey of finding his value and self worth in God.

"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?"

Matthew 16:26 NLT

Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan before he started his ministry. It's significant to read that as Jesus came up out of the water, God said “This is my Son whom I love, with Him I am well pleased”. God didn’t say, “This is my carpenter”, nor did God say, "This is my miracle-worker”. These were things Jesus DID, but they weren't WHO He was. God called him "Son". Plus, God said He was PLEASED with Him, BEFORE Jesus performed any of His miracles later.

The same applies to you - God loves you as His child BEFORE anything you do.

When you understand and live in this place of 'Sonship', you will receive:

LOVE - deeper than any other love.

VALUE - greater than any achievement.

SELF WORTH - accepted as you are.

PURPOSE - living your dreams and desires. PROVISION - more than you can imagine.

You have a Father in Heaven who loves you, cares for you and wants to provide you with only GOOD things!

"... My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."

John 10:10 NLT

We enter and exit this world as a child of God. When you breathe your last breath on earth, secondary titles are left behind, but your salvation and identity in Him is what you bring to Heaven.

Secondary titles on earth will fade, but your identity as God's child will remain.


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