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Why I Chose Discipline Over Motivation

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

In a world full of motivational tips, resources and how-to’s at our fingertips, it seems clear that motivation alone is not enough to bring success and achieve goals. That’s why…

I chose Discipline over Motivation.

Motivation is a feeling,

but discipline is an action.

Motivation is the starting point. It stirs up emotions, ideas, inspiration and excitement, which are great and important things!... but some people stop there. We disqualify ourselves when we think “I just need to get motivated”. Friend, it requires more.

In order to succeed in any area, we should

progress from motivated feelings to disciplined actions.

If I could sum up self-discipline in my own words, here it is:

Self-discipline is a series of consistent habits or routines, diligently applied and continued long after the initial motivated feelings have simmered down.

So why do I choose discipline over motivation?

Motivation produces emotion, but discipline produces results.

Motivation is temporary, but discipline perseveres.

Motivation fades after time, but discipline grows after time.

Motivation is an event, but discipline is a lifestyle.

Motivation starts the project, but discipline finishes it.

Motivation sets the goal, but discipline works it to accomplishment.

Don't get me wrong, I receive motivation during the week through various avenues (podcasts, books, teachings, mentors), and my mind races with exciting ideas! I’m constantly getting motivated. But it was only when I learned the art of transitioning the motivated feelings into regular, disciplined actions through weekly routines is when I truly saw results!

'Busy-ness' and 'lack-of-time' were my past excuses. That was until I became increasingly frustrated that my dreams and projects didn’t happen on their own (funny that!). After years passing by, I stopped making excuses. I took responsibility for my own dreams. I realised I needed more than just motivation. I chose discipline over motivation.

To the person who has a picture of a bikini body as their visual motivation – be disciplined to continue that weekly routine of hard-core exercise and quality diet choices.

To the person who wants to start that business - be disciplined to do the research, planning and journey through step by step.

To the person who wants to be in a better financial position – be disciplined to make wiser decisions by spending less, investing and saving more.

To the person who wants to step into their desired career – be disciplined to do the study, experience and hard-yards required to get there.

To the person who is writing that book – be disciplined to write each day and stick to your word-count goals.

So be encouraged. Remaining disciplined through daily routines and habits might seem mundane, but each day you are progressing one step further and further. You’ll surprise yourself, because once you apply discipline to one area, it organically spreads and transfers to other areas of your life!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

John Rohn

What areas do you need to shift from motivation to discipline?



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